The Beast Entrepreneur

People speak of these entities, as confident, zealous, independent, and resilient. Do they have ideas of the original position of this entity? Let me tell you an interesting story about this entity that you do not know.

Initially, its body was at rest and remained at rest, waiting for great pressure to exert force and to set it on the motion. It waited until waiting became impossible. Are you in the dark and want to know what the entity did? Now listen, let me tell you. The great entity got frustrated in waiting and then gave motion a trial.

picture of a beast

Does that make any sense to you?

Listen!,  the journey of Entrepreneurship is the journey of a beast, a fighter and a warrior. You speak loud about Dangote, Bill gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Otedola, the list is endless. Have you checked their story, have you considered their origin?

The success you see today was a failure some years ago. It is the ‘beast’ in them that has propelled them. And do you know what? The good news is that it is not too late, you can also be one of these successes. Ask me how!

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The link above is the one solution. You have to be rugged, dogged, and accept responsibility for your self.

Just practice these.

Congratulations and welcome to the team of beast entrepreneurs.

Kingsley Obieguo
(The Beast Entrepreneur)

The Beast Entrepreneur
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